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I have to say, I wasn't expecting much from this at the start, but it got a lot better as it went on. The fight scenes were nicely done and the overall flash had a good length.

It had a lot of humor in it, though some parts weren't really laugh out loud moments, but more of a smile.

It would of been better if it had some voice acting in it, as sometimes I had to read very quickly to see what they were saying.

The graphics could of been better too, but I liked the kind of style you went for and it suited the animation nicely.

9/10, 5/5

Nicely set Atmosphere

Loved the ending after the credits XD
"Hey howd I end up in here?"
Nice way to bring him back :)


I would of preffered to see an actual sequel, rather then a 2 minute long thing. It was well done though, and gave a sense of mourning for the dad but I would of liked to see one of the children to carry on their fathers dream/career of a runner.

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Need to fix saving

This was an awesome game, though I did not get to complete it as my save seemed to had been deleted. Though I was able to play it for around 3 days with the save being safe, when I tried playing it today the save had gone :/ I had set the storage to unlimited and everything.

The music, gameplay and art are all amazing, as well as giving the game its own feel. I would add in an auto attack button of some sort, for fast leveling as some of the zones and bosses take difficulty leaps. The 2nd boss was one of the most annoying, as It could heal itself over and over.

Overall its a great game, which I wish I could finish, But I don't want to get to the last zone all over again.


That was an beautifully made game, the art, the combat, the upgrading, the music and the story. It all fit together nicely, though some of the story and talking were rather long for my liking, especially in the beginning.
I liked how you could upgrade you ship and level up in your own way, not being restricted to one type of battle. As well as the seemingly endless supply of upgrades on hand.
The music was very fitting and well made as well as helping to fit the atmosphere and improve the impact of certain scenes.

The only fault I can see in this game is in your Author Comments, saying that it is a Dating Sim. I did not see this as much of a Dating sim, as you could never ask user choice questions to romantic interest, or give gifts or find out how far in a relationship you were with someone.
The main character kinda seemed to be a "playa" as whenever I hung out with the female characters he seemed to get infatuated with all of them. Though this doesn't hinder the game that much, I wouldn't give it the description or genre of a Dating Sim.

Overall, this was an amazing game with very little faults. A good Long game, especially if your not looking for a 10min game.


I wanted to play the three different endings before doing a review and after 4 tries I got them all.

1st- I stayed with her and apparently had sex with her, at least that was the vibe I was getting from it. The ending seemed a bit weird, about not hurting veins or arteries or something which confused me a little. The conversations on the love side were nicely played out with many choices on either "branch" of direction.

2nd- I stayed with her but did not have sex. This ending was sort of wierd but not as wierd as the first. I stayed with the girl who I depended on and was neither sad or happy for it. The conversations were slightly less played out then the love one.

3rd- I left the girl forever. This ending made more sense to me then the others and didnt give too much of a feeling of "What just happened there". The conversations were better played out then the 2nd and they seemed to have a bit more emotion in them.

Overall, the different branches and endings you put in were very nicely done and played out. You gave meaning to each ending though some were more vague then others. The play style and graphics are all nicely done and the music fits in perfectly with the situation.

I do believe there could have been more to this game, like more branches/choices then 2 per screen, and the graphics of the girl could have been improved with a few more poses. There could have been seperate music for locations, though that isnt too important in a short game.

My thoughts - I feel that the girl is not real somehow, like people have stated below she could very well be a drug or addiction that he is "sugar coating" into something good for him. One line really showed this in the game "If people hear about me they will hate you" this could mean she Was a drug and if people found out they would look down on him.
The first ending was also very strange as the nurse said about hitting veins or arteries, which gave me the image of him injecting the drugs into his "little guy :D".

When the girl started to fade/blow out on the screen kind of made me more confused aswell. it reminded me of when a VI/AI runs out of power on a projection system and they seem to fade out. This gave me the idea that she could have been a holographic beign, like in many movies when the main character is very lonely in life and so makes a holo-person to fill the void.

The other thought was that she was a robot and this would also explain the part with people hating him and the veins/arteries being hurt.

I then read into it that the drugs could have been wearing off on the main character and his figment of imagination was slowly disappearing.

I do think that any of these theroies could be correct, as we arent given too much knowledge about the world they live in, it could be a robot and VI filled world in 2020 or something.

Overall I think this game is great, a "old-new" game which I havent seen in a while with great thought put into each ending and branch of choice.


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I like how you interperated this song into punk.

Sounded so right for it and didnt hear anything out of place, Great work.


giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks =D alot of people disagree with you though, I don't know why but we've gotten a bunch or 0s for reviews :(


This is very innovative. The transitions are excellent.

Only complaint I may have is that it is very loud if you dont have sound down.

Typo ftw

You put:
0:00 - 0:54 is the "Storm", and everything after that is the "Clam".

XD Just though I'd point that out if noone else has, if they have sorry for repeating them.
I like more of an upbeat tune to this, though this is still good in its own right.

Catstuffer responds:

ummm, its no typo.... thats what it is! Its Calm, AFTER the storm.... lol its a twist from Darude's "Calm before the storm" glad you enjoyed even if its not ur fav!

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