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A Hunters Mark (Game Project)

2012-06-27 08:42:08 by Napaz

Haven't posted on here in a few years, been busy with education and other stuff. Most of my old projects from that time have been scrapped.

Since then I have completed school, almost completed college and going to uni in a few months time.

In other news, I am working on a game, which I might be submitting to Newgrounds when it is complete, for now, I shall just tempt you all with this picture -mark-menu.png.

A Hunters Mark (Game Project)


2009-11-01 10:05:45 by Napaz

I have been working on Animation recently and have been getting better by the day, though I still have my faults here and there I hope to sometime upload some flash animations to newgrounds.

You can see my practice animations at my profile on

Almost that time

2009-08-02 15:49:18 by Napaz

Ive got about 25 days until I get my GCSE results, Im hoping for C's or above.
Wish me luck ^^


2009-05-23 10:46:35 by Napaz

Ok so I've had GCSE's for the past 2 or so weeks, and so havent drawn as much as usual. But hopefully I will continue after they finish on the 10th of june. Which is two days before my birthday :P Nice present.

Anyways in the 2 or 3 odd months I wont be doing anything I will prob either be playing games/ Drawing/ Watching TV.
Hopefully I will put up some more drawings in the near future.

Raven Dale shall continue after my GCSE's, as I cant really stay focused on it with all this happening :P.

Here's a new drawing by me for you too look at, for the time being.


New game coming later this year

2009-05-02 16:38:48 by Napaz

I'm making my first game, well my first real one. I will be working alongside a few of my freinds to make it, aswell as looking around newgrounds for some music for it, or asking specific artists or just asking in general to make me personal ones.

It will be a point and click, adventure, fantasy game.
There is no set date for it to be completed or a set date for the first part to be posted yet, but I am working hard on my parts of it.

I will upate this post on its progress, and will put up set dates (If I can set them) for release.

Start screen concept Art: Complete
Entrance to town concept Art: In progress
Census Office Entrance concept Art: In progress
Capt* of the guard concept Art: Complete
Pages written down: 6

New game coming later this year

Got any music making programs?

2009-03-02 14:25:46 by Napaz

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has any free music making programs I could use/download. I havent got any at the moment and would really like to improve in making music.

I've use Magix music maker before, If possible I would like one along that format.


2009-02-19 16:53:35 by Napaz

Hey napaz trix here. Couldnt put the full name apparently T.T
I've uploaded some music I've made, just being validated and stuff by Newgrounds at the moment so not long to wait... hopefully.

If any of you want to view my Art, stories and stuff go here:

Its my furaffinity account.